Video CD-presentation “Merry Christmas”

On November 21st, Amira’s second CD, Merry Christmas, was presented in the Orpheus Theatre in Apeldoorn (NL). Below you can find the video report of this big moment.

Amira Willighagen - "Merry Christmas" CD Release Party with friends - 21 November 2015

During a modest ceremony, where the organization only allowed Amira’s friends, some family and a handful of invited guests to enter, the 11-year-old opera singer received her second album out of the hands of master chef Rudolph van Veen, known for his TV-show Rudolph’s Bakery at the Dutch version of 24Kitchen.

Many fans were disappointed as they didn’t get the chance to witness this, for Amira so important moment, themselves. Some already had booked a flight from England, when it became clear at the last moment that this ‘release-party’ would be a private party.

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  1. Emmett Russell

    Does anyone know the name of the youth chorale that accompanied Amira and Gissur ?

    • Goodday mr Russell. i hope you are healthy and safe. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a name of the childrens choir. In the adds back in 2015 it was only mentioned as a children’s choir.
      Ásamt Björgvini koma fram stórsveit, strengjasveit, karlakór, barnakór og gospelkór. Þá eru ótaldir sjálfir jólagestirnir:
      Along with Björgvin, there will be a large ensemble, string ensemble, men’s choir, children’s choir and gospel choir. Then there are the countless Christmas guests themselves:
      Doesn’t answer your question but it’s the best I can do.

  2. Vincent from France

    Poor Schilpaddie, it’s so cruel what they did to you …

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