Prestigious prize for Amira

On November 9, Amira received a great award at a gala in Naples, organized by the “International Organization for Diplomatic Relations”.

The title that goes with it is called: “International Mediterranean Best Female Opera Star 2019”.

Of course, Amira also sang there. “O Mio Babbino Caro” and “O Sole Mio” – a duet with an Italian tenor Fabio Armiliato.

A chic party of course completely Amira-worthy. The whole family was invited.

It’s nice that Mr. Willighagen also appeared in the pictures again.

The whole weekend the family was pampered and  the family always needed to sniff some culture.

A visit to Pompeii and the oldest opera house “San Carlo” and the Andy Warhole Museum.

Many photos have been taken. An impression:

Photos of the Gala:

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  1. I can only say congratulations to Amira and thank you for the untold and priceless pleasure you have given to the world. Will there be a video???

  2. The creator would have looked at the pictures of Amira in the harem type pants outfit, from the Pompeii ruins, sat back with the angels, had a beer and said-” I think I have definitely outdone myself here, TRULY STUNNING”.

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