Amira goes to England for memorial concert Rex

RexConcertBrastedOn Saturday September 12th Amira will perform during a special concert in memory of Rex, a 21 months old boy who suddenly passed away on February 7th this year. Mother Camilla: “Rex was a happy, healthy and extrovert little boy with a twinkle in his eyes; A ray of sunshine with the gift to make other people smile and laugh aloud. We brought Rex to bed for his afternoon nap and he never woke up again.” Read more


Amira on the cover of Luxury Magazine

Amira-LuxuryMagazine_RAmira shines on the cover of edition 2(76) of the glossy Luxury Magazine. In no less than 7 pages, featuring beautiful pictures of Amira and her family, the young opera singer tells about hot it’s like to suddenly become famous, but she also tells about her daily life, experiences, dreams and her impressions.

Luxury Magazine, carrying the slogan “magazine for the luxury & exquisite lifestyle”, is being sold in the republics of Armenia and Georgia, and is published bilingual (in English and Russian).


Amira’s Stichting Gelukskinders has their own web shop

Amira’s charity organization, Stichting Gelukskinders, opened their own web shop. You’ll find special fans products there, among which signed posters, sets of postcards and of course Amira’s debuut album Amira at a very special price.

Sales revenue directly goes to Stichting Gelukskinders, Amira’s very own charity organization which supports her to further extend her playgrounds project.

Visit the Gelukskinders Web Shop.