Again standing ovation for Amira’s O Mio Babbino Caro

And once again Amira’s interpretation of O Mio Babbino Caro caused a frenzied crowd and a standing ovation. This happened in Magdeburg (Germay), where she gave a sparkling performance in the saturday-evening TV-show Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel, which was broadcast live by both ZDF in Germany as well as ORF in Austria.

Amira – O Mio Babbino Caro (Live on TV in Germany and Austria, June 7th 2014)

With this fabulous performance, interview and her recent album release in Germany, Amira now is definitely gaining foothold at our eastern neighbours.


AmiraFans CD review

If you checked out Amira’s debute album Amira at or have bought it by now, you might have seen it: the AmiraFans review, which we already submitted on April 4th. For the ones among you who still need to be convinced to purchase a copy of the CD, please find below the official AmiraFans review of Amira’s first CD. Read more


Amira shows up in ABBA-special

Surprise! Only a week before Amira’s planned appearance at Carmen Nebel’s TV show on June 7th, she suddenly appears in a special edition of Die Ultimative Chart Show from RTL Television. Not with an opera song, but with a cover of ABBA’s I Have A Dream. At the eve of her breakthrough in Germany, Amira shows here -being young and very brave- that she dares to experiment!

Amira I Have A Dream


Amira in Germany

Sooner or later it would happen… Soon the young opera talent and HGT-winner Amira WIllighagen will be on television in Germany. June 7th Amira will be a guest in the TV-show Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel, an evening-filling talk- and entertainment show from ZDF, the national broadcaster. Tune in if you can! June 7th 2014, 20:15u CET, ZDF.


Amira’s ready for Vegas!

Last december, opera talent Amira Willighagen won the finals of Holland’s Got Talent as well as a trip to Las Vegas. Due to album-recordings and her performances in South-Africa, she didn’t have the time yet, but coming week it’s finally going to happen: Amira goes Vegas! She’ll be leaving coming Saturday, together with her family.

On Sunday there will be a sound check down at Planet Hollywood, where Amira will shine in V – The Ultimate Variety Show, coming Wednesday April 30th at 8:30pm PDT.

Besides the performance, Amira and her family will have plenty of time to enjoy their holiday, for example at the pool of the hotel, or by taking a safari tour.

What the agenda for the rest of the coming week will look like, is yet unknown.


Amira has her Golden Record!

Not even 3 weeks after her album Amira has hit the shops, Amira Willighagen already received her first Golden Record. An artist receives this award if an album of the Classical genre sells 10.000 times.

The 10-year-old opera singer received her Golden Record yesterday, out of the hands of TV-personality Albert Verlinde during the TV-program RTL Boulevard. Amira is very proud, but also a bit surprised as she didn’t expect her album to be selling that well already.

For us the upcoming Golden Record wasn’t really a surprise. After the first week since its release, Amira’s album immediately took the lead in the Dutch Album Top 100, which also makes her the youngest artist to ever take the #1 position in this chart.


Gold has been ordered!

Not even two weeks after the release  of 10-year-old opera talent Amira Willighagen’s debute album Amira, the Gold status for this album has been requested to the NVPI, the Dutch sector oganization for the record and movie industry. If this status will be acknowledged or when the golden record (CD) will be presented, is unknown.

In the Netherlands, albums in the category Classical reach the Gold status when 10.000 copies have been sold. This includes CD sales as well as paid downloads of the full album.

If an album reaches a certain status, is not only determined by the sales numbers. In the end the record company decides if and when an application will be filed for a certain status, and which status this will be.

At this moment a request to aknlowledge the Platinum status to Amira’s album has not been applied.


AmiraFans now also in English!

Starting today AmiraFans is also available in English. This way, we meet the needs of the growing number of visitors from outside the Netherlands.

Besides the Google Translate-widget (which still provides for an automated, yet very basic translation) has the entire website been translated into English. New messages will be published in Dutch as well as English.

Of course we also wish our English speaking fans a pleasant stay on our web site!


VIdeo report album release party

On Saturday, March 22nd 2014, opera talent Amira Willighagen (9) received the first copy of her debute CD Amira -which was recored in February- out of the hands of her idol -and fan- Gordon (chairsman of the Dutch Holland’s Got Talent jury).

The presentation of the CD took place in Artis Zoo. AmiraFans was there and made this video report with the title Amira’s First, as a souvenir for Amira and for all fans to enjoy this special day!

UPDATED on April 24th: Added English subtitles to the video.

Amira's Eerste: CD-presentatie Amira Willighagen