Amira in France3 Christmas special

On Decmeber 21st Amira starred in the Christmas edition of the popular French TV-show Du Côté de chez Dave which was aired by FR3, French national television. In this special episode Amira performed her Ave Maria, and a few Dutch Christmas carols for show host Dave -who is also known as Wouter Levenbach, a Dutch singer who went to France in the Sixties and became very popular there.

Amira dans Du Côté de chez Dave (FR3 21-12-2014)


Holland’s youngest opera singer & Brittain’s most famous tenor ensure a scoop

Holland’s youngst opera singer, the 10-year-old Amira Willighagen from Nijmegen, who won Holland’s Got Talent last year at the age of only 9,  and has performed in the US, Latin-America, South-Africa and various European countries, will shine on November 19th during a fundraising concert in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

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Amira gets her own charity foundation

In March this year we already reported about Amira opening her first playground in the South-African township Ikageng, near the city of Potchefstroom. Next steps are being made to continue this project.

Soon, Amira’s very own charity foundation will be established, from where further activities in the field of charity can be developed.

Earlier Amira already indicated that she wants to use part of the revenue earned with CD sales and performances for helping other children. With the establishment of her own foundation, it will be easier to develop activities and to coordinate the implementation.


Amira at Golden Television RIng Gala 2014

Amira could this year be spotted at the Golden Television Ring Gala -which is the yearly event where the winners of the Dutch TV-audience’s Awards for TV-shows and -personalities are announced. This time, Amira did not perform, but she did get an invitation to witness the whole event which took place in the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam.

All of Amira’s fans got to see her anyway! Amira starred in the intro movie that was made for the TV-broadcast of the event. Unfortunately she didn’t get to keep the golden sports car…

Intro Gouden Televizier-Ring Gala 2014


Amira receives Giuseppe Sciacca Award 2014

Amira is the winner of the International Giuseppe Sciacca Award 2014, thanks to her extraordinary skills in the area of music and singing. On November 8th 2014, this award will be handed out during a ceremony in de great hall of the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Vatican City.

The Giuseppe Sciacca Award was created in 2001 by the International Association of Culture and Voluntary Work Uomo e Società (men and society) and is named after the young student of architecture, Giuseppe Sciacca, who was -during his short life- noted for his sporting activities and social concern.

The Pontifical Urbaniana University was founded by Pope Urban VIII in 1627, but only received the title ‘Pontifical’ in 1962 from Pope john XXIII.