Nijmegen and Dreumel Christmas Concerts

Nijmegen, December 15th

The audience is spoilt during these concerts. Amira on top of her ability.

Together with the Nijmegen Men’s Choir, Amira showed that she was in her optima forma. Amira is able to take listeners to another universe. She also succeeded during that concert.
As a warm-up, Dormi Filli, La Vergine Degli Angeli, Pie Jesu… All beautifully interpreted. Then came Ave Maria by W. Gomez. Something I had been looking forward to. The melody line, however, was so strange in my ears that I did not fly here as I did in 2015. Of course, Enjoyment with the capital E, but still, it seemed that the piano player was playing something different than intended. Amira, two more times before the break. This time with Ave Maria by Caccini and The Holy City. Amira has such a huge voice, a promise for after the break. Well, that came! Gesu Bambino, immediately followed by Sancta Maria… If you ever want to get the feeling of being able to float above the ground, then these two songs were the pinnacle of perfection. Magistral! 
Angels from the Realms of Glory and Joy to the World followed and brought an end to a fantastic evening. The people present could hardly stop applauding. Amira was in the mood for an encore, so she announced it herself. Again, La Vergine Degli Angeli sounded through the Saint Steven’s Church. What an end to a fantastic evening.
Amira also posed for photos with many fans and had time for everyone who just wanted to say something. She wore two beautiful dresses that evening. The photos provided will show how elegantly she looked.
If this evening was a prelude to a television show registration a day later, well then there is still something to wait for. My goodness, what a voice, what a girl!

The television show registration in Dreumel
House sold out. What do you expect when the tickets are free? Various artists and the provincial police band Politiekapel Noord en Oost Gelderland played the best of the best there. What a great show. Amira went for it that night. One flight time after another for me.
Panis Angelicus, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Pie Jesu. No words to express what a feeling this gives. Well, and if you also get to hear Amira at the very end of the evening, then everything is complete! Ave Maria and Silent Night… AND, as an encore, Mr. Willighagen was seated behind the church organ and, together with her father, Amira brought the worldly song How Great Thou Art. You can’t make it more beautiful. What an end to three weeks of Amira in Belgium and the Netherlands. Suddenly, people realise that it’s over… Who knows when something like this will come again?

First Christmas Day. What am I going to watch? On NPO 1 at 13.20, the Trouw Christmas concert, and on Gelderland TV, the broadcast of the Dreumel concert. I’m not leaving my house that day. Enjoy again and again.

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  1. Amira did a spectacular job, as always, singing Ave Maria, Hark the Herald Angels sing, Silent Night, Panis Angeliccus, Pie Jesu, How Great Thou Art, however, I haven’t seen anything on youtube with Amira, singing with the Nijmeegs Mannenkoor, as she did in 2015 and 2017. Will there be a release of any of those songs with the Nijmeegs Mannenkoor that were shown slightly, in the TV news report interviews with Amira?

  2. The Dreumel Christmas concert is on YouTube – published by the organisers. Look at the ‘Omroep Gelderland’ YT channel.
    Happy New Year ūüôā

  3. My only Christmas wish this year is…
    May these concerts find their way onto the Internet
    or a DVD…like in previous years‚Ķ

    Merry Christmas to you all on this site !

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