New items in the Gelukskinders webshop

So many things are happening around Amira these days. Preparations for the Christmas streaming concert, plus a number of new items in the webshop of Gelukskinders, the Amira’s foundation.

Note: If you order multiple items at the same time, you only pay postage once.

A new collector’s item and a CD for sale:

A4-size Photobook
Classics Live CD

This one is still for sale too! Do you have it already?

Gelukskinders 5th Anniversary 4-disk DVD Box

Back in stock:

5 photos of Amira

Maybe you haven’t seen this one:

Birthday Calendar
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  1. Hi Amira,

    I am still longing for you to come to Sydney Australia and be part of a concert or give a solo performance, hopefully at the Sydney Opera House. This Covid-19 is preventing so many people including yourself from going about their normal lives which means we sorely miss seeing you. In Australia we only have YouTube to see you perform.

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