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Amira draws, especially during and right after Holland’s Got Talent, quite some media attention. Newspapers and -sitesradio– and TV-shows regularly have items about the young opera talent. On the various pages in this Media-menu we’ve tried to offer a selection from all kinds of media items around Amira. You’ll mainly find links to national and international media here. It’s not our intention to collect anything around Amira here; We’ll try to stick to original publications or remarkable variants (e.g. in other countries).

If you catch Amira in a TV-program, newspaper or interview, please replyto this page in order for us to update it.

International visitors please note: many of the news articles & interviews are in Dutch or sometimes in Afrikaans, and for many items translations or subtitles are not available. Our apologies for that.


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  1. This little angel was given a gift from a Divine Source to enrich and brighten the world with her talent. I hope and pray nothing stands in her path to a very rewarding career for all of us to enjoy. She owes it to the world to go as far as possible.

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