Hard work

After Amira worked so hard during the episodes of Holland’s Got Talent to first win the semi-finals, followd by the finals on December 28th,  it was the time for AmiraFans start off and do something too. Piece by piece this web site was shaped. Links to videos, interviews and articles were colleted. More photos were added, but at the time of writing of this post, these mainly contain of screenshots and a handful of photo’s which is available on numerous other web sites as well.

Hopefully we can dress up AmiraFans more & more, and create a nice place for all the fans to hang around or visit from time to time!  Of course fans are invited to contribute! If you have any original (photo or video)material, please contact us!

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  1. When comes a Christmas-cd from Amira?

    I love her voice, is she THE new Callas?

  2. Krzysztof Śliwiński

    I think you will be better than Maria Callas and I wish you this with all my heart (old heart). Your voice is thanks of God. I hope you will come to Warsaw and I invite you just now.

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