Gelukskinders concerts and reports on 4 DVDs

Finally, it is finished; more than four and a half hours of materials in a 4 DVD set. Available only in the Gelukskinders webshop.

The price is virtually negligible, even with shipping costs. You will receive two professionally recorded complete concerts from Turnhout. You will see and hear Amira, Marjolein Acke and Anne Keizer, as soloists. Children’s choir Cantabile brightens things up a bit more.

It also contains a documentary about the fifth year of Gelukskinders with the concert given at the Tshupane school, with Siki Jo-An and school choirs, where a Gelukskinders playground is already built.

Playground openings, also with the sounds of Amira and the many elated children who finally have a playground where they can release their energy and forget problems at home.

In short, an unmissable opportunity to get a lot of Amira. € 30 is most certainly value for money!

Want to buy it? Please follow this link: 4 DVD set 5 years Gelukskinders – 2 concerts + documentary

Just a little teaser:

Extra: These DVDs are copyright protected. So you won’t see much of it on youtube.

The Gelukskinders Foundation with Amira as its patroness brings a little joy to the children who live in the townships of South Africa, mainly through playgrounds. Sometimes Amira does special promotions. Hand out toys or sweets, lots of foot-rugby-volley-balls.

Everything that makes a child forget the everyday grind. Gelukskinders brings a smile to children’s faces. You can support Amira through Gelukskinders, as a regular donor or once in a while by means of “building blocks”.

Here is the link: Bricks to build a playground

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