Gelukskinders’ 5th Anniversary Celebration

There is a big party on Saturday, November 30th, and Sunday, December 1st. Amira’s foundation Gelukskinders has been in existence for 5 years. This will be celebrated with a concert on Sunday and the third fan day on Saturday.

The fan day is held at the Corsendonk Viane hotel in Turnhout, Belgium. Start from 4 pm until 10 pm. All details about this can be found on this FB page: Amira fanclubdag. You should register there and answer the question asked. Yes, or Maybe or just Interested… one of these answers is sufficient. We only want to prevent as many mistakes as possible with the list to be drawn up. No Facebook? Then you can register via email at: More and more details will come out there in the upcoming months. 

The concert a day later is held at the De Warande cultural centre in Turnhout. It will be a SPECTACLE in which the youth have the say. A professional chamber orchestra will provide support to the soloists on stage. Soloists are: Marjolein Acke, known for Speel het hard and Belgium’s Got Talent; Anne Keizer, known for The Voice of Holland; and of course Amira Willighagen, the patron of the Gelukskinders foundation and widely known for various large and small performances. The children’s choir Cantabile will also give an appearance. Be surprised by what these artists are going to present to you.

Come to Turnhout, at least on December 1st… There is something waiting for you!

At the Gelukskinders’ web store you will find what you need. Concert tickets, as well as a package deal for basically everything around it. You have to arrange accommodation yourself, but we have an interesting offer for those who want to spend the night at the Corsendonk Viane hotel.

Register for this hotel? Telephone (0032) 14 88 96 00. A code word Amira – this gives you a reduction on your overnight stay.

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