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Since a couple of days AmiraFans also started using Twitter. We do this to be able to keep you better up to speed regarding news about, and from Amira.

So from now on, also follow us on Twitter: @AmiraFansNL


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  1. i follow you Amira i am your fan you sing beautifully.
    i also follow a singer i suppose you know because Christian Pagulong jr. follow her as well..Her name is Connie Talbot and her lyrics and her voice is very nice. She sings alike pop american music goes on and on. You’re so sweet. May you get in contact with her songbook in which she works on and may you like her musics as well as i do. A joy your voice and repertoire of your songbook Amira. HHave you a Happy Christmas and New Year Parties to celebrate 2015!!! All your best dreams come true !

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