Fanday application reopened

For the past few months we had to close the registrations for the fan day, on November 30, due to the capacity in hotel Corsendonk Viane in Turnhout.
We have a deal with this hotel. During the weekend, three nights, you can spend the night at a reduced rate. The best way is to call the hotel is: (0032) 14889600 Please state the name Amira. The hotel indicates that it is full via the normal booking sites. So please do CALL.
Of course you are free to spend the night elsewhere if this is necessary.
The hotel has somewhat expanded its capacity so that even more fans can attend.
As from today it is again possible to get access to this special fan day.

If you have NOT ordered a concert ticket (December 1) and you also want to go to the fan day, you can go to this link:
Order your tickets there. Everything will be arranged for you.
This day starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. PROMPT! The artists need their rest.
A four-course dinner is also planned.
All three solo artists will be there. Marjolein AND Anne AND Amira.
They make their appearance around 5.15 pm.
A full program will follow. Sociability is paramount, for everyone.
For you fans and also the artists.
The fanday is dedicated to the maintenance fund of the Gelukskinders foundation.
That realy needs some extras.
If you DO have a concert ticket and you also want to come to the fan day, then you have priority.
We can certainly add 20 fans, if not more.
You should respond quickly. How?
1: go to:
2: buy 6x building blocks per person. = € 30 per person. For example: 3 people is 18 building blocks!
3: send an email to: with your order number of these building blocks.
You will then receive a new proof of payment from me. The row and seat number will remain the same for the concert.
I will adjust this in my administration.

Everyone of you who has ordered a concert ticket or a fan day total package has since received an email from me, Nico Huizinga, with your proof of payment as an attachment.
If you haven’t received an email, then please look in your spam box first! Not there either? Send me an email as soon as possible with your order number or the date of payment if you have paid directly through the bank.
This email is very important for you and us. With that e-mail you will receive your entrance tickets. On the fan day, if you register for it, or have already registered, or on the day of the concert in the Warande in Turnhout.
If you are unable to print due to circumstances, save it on your handheld phone and show it to the person who hands over the tickets. If that is not possible either, we kindly request for an identification, with a legally valid document. Driver’s license, ID card, or passport. However, a printed version of your proof of payment is the easiest and fastest for us to process.

The program for the fan day will be published at the end of October.

If you are NOT able to attend and you want to contribute, you can participate in the sponsor deal from the beginning of September. It will be the fans Christmas gift from fans worldwide. We give away various unique prizes and with every € 1000 we add an extra unique prize!
It will be sent to you for free.
About the sponsordeal, more clarification will come at a later stage.

Thank you on behalf of the organizing committee
Nico Huizinga
You can also contact me if you have specific questions about the fan day.

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