Concert under the Baobab Tree. Botswana

The following story was posted in two parts on the day of the concert, August 10th, 2019, by Amira Willighagen Official (FB)

Amira, her mom and Fincent are having a great adventurous time in Botswana at the moment.

We are astonished by the fact that there are no fences and the wild animals including lions, elephants and buffaloes are grazing wild and free in harmony with the local people. There is no littering and the people are so friendly. 
Tonight, Amira Jannie Moolman and Andre Schwartz are performing on a farm under a big baobab tree.

It is a concert organized by the farmers in the Pandamatenga region.
We are so grateful that the farming community gave us the opportunity visiting this beautiful place we fell in love with. They are spoiling us rotten with sight seeing trips and a warm welcome. We are very blessed.

(Second part)

Classics under a Baobab tree in Botswana. Experience of a lifetime. In the top 3 of performance trips ever. We made a lot of photos also of the wildlife because it is so part of the whole experience that we couldn’t leave it out. While Amira was singing, the unfenced wild elephants, lions and who knows what other animal….were in the bushes surrounding the Baobab tree.

The concert was beautiful. 3 Stars under the stars singing a repertoire like songs from Phantom of the opera (Andre Schwarts), Nessum Dorma, Nella Fantasia, Jerusalem, Afrikaans songs by Jannie which originally was old Afrikaans poems.

There was also a choir of little children from the farmers who hosted the event they also sang beautifully together with the two male singers. Amira sang 10 songs and enjoyed every minute of it.

When saying goodbyes all the staff of the lodge where we stayed, sang for us and the concert organizers all waived us goodbye like long known friends.

(Photo credits Amira Willighagen Official and Mike Fuller)

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