Classics 2019

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of July, Amira performed at the Classics 2019 concert.

Something the author of this story was looking forward to for a whole year.

To hear Amira sing live, there at that concert, was a great experience in previous editions. This time, however, it ran differently.

Amira performed “only” once, a solo, with a medley from the “Sound of Music”, a beautiful performance where Amira gave everything she had on both days.

No duet, no other song.

She was present at the Grease Medley, on the first evening. The second evening, she was in the line-up of all the artists at the beginning.

Both evenings, she was also at the line-up at the end of the concert.

Amira shown a professionalism in the show where many artists would have failed. Amira didn’t!!

She and I, as well as the fans, had great expectations of this concert. It was a disappointment.

Classics is increasingly going to the side of pop music, a horror for Amira. Classical, easy listening and various musicals, that’s her thing.

That is where she can excel. Pop music is not her thing, as she once said in an earlier interview.

Unfortunately, I cannot make this story more beautiful. It is as it is.

If you like pop from the 70’s and 80’s, then I recommend that you should buy this DVD as soon as it is available.

If you are more interested in the more classic genre, this is the worst Classics so far.

Amira was TOP!! A true PRO

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  1. Whomever was in charge of the concert treated Amira very poorly. Amira is now and has been the true STAR of the Classics series since she first appeared in 2016.
    If Amira had said she was not going to appear in the concert, Classics is … groot???, would have probably only sold about 10 tickets in 2019 !!!

    Wise up Classics, or in the future, vast numbers of your concert, CD & DVD customers will treat your sales numbers as poorly as you treated Amira in 2019.

  2. Amira is absolutely the best when it comes to singing operatic, classical cross-over, famous arias etc. However, why the producers made the choice to let Amira sing from The Sound Of Music totally puzzles me! In musicals, you need to express not only by means of singing, but also by acting -which is something Amira has little experience with. Some musicals contain great songs for her (The Phantom Of The Opera for example), but The Sound Of Music does not match with what Amira currently can offer. This is absolutely no criticism towards Amira, but her management and the Classics production team should have noticed this and think of a better solution.

    Then, I can’t understand why Amira’s performances at Classics were cut down to only one solo. The show is produced by her own record company, so one would imagine it’s also in their interest to let Amira shine there.

  3. Agree with the above comments. Amira is not a pop singer! Please go back to opera and cross-over.

  4. I was very interested in your report on Classics 2019. In Classics 2016, 2017 and 2018 Amira stole the show. But something went wrong in 2019 which has sorely disappointed her fans around the world. Amira is the best soprano ever when she sings opera. Why on earth she sang a medley from the sound of music baffles me. Was it her choice to sing the medley and no more or are their more sinister reasons? Whatever the reason 2019 was a great disappointment for this fan and i’m Sure for millions more.

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