Christmas gift for Amira – part 3

The last update before the endresult will be published. This will be onChristmaseve. All donors a HUGE THANK YOU.. Project 2 is still open. New playgrounds: The new picture reveals the current standing.


Thank you donors for making that happen… Ten days left for a new playgoround?

11 days to go before this action ends. If you look at the first photo, you’ll see how the action is going so far. The action is a bit snowed in by the announced Christmas concert. That’s understandable. Nevertheless, Amira does EVERYTHING for her foundation Gelukskinders.

After the overwhelming success of the Christmas streaming concert, for which once again thanks to all the donors, the second part of the fan-organized, Christmas gift for Amira begins.

This consists of three separate parts.

Project 2: Building new playgrounds.

The schools Rabana, Madibeng and Opang Diatla are the first to be on the list. Covid has put the Gelukskinders Foundation on hold this year. Three projects still waiting for placement. Perhaps a fourth one next year?
Project 2 has no limit. So many schools, so many children that the foundation Gelukskinders can make happy.

Project 3: Paint work.

Half the playgrounds are in need of a refresh. A little sanding and again with fresh colors. The estimated amount required is €2500,–

Project 4: Amira’s own Christmas promotion in one of the townships.

As has been the case in recent years, Amira goes out to help the children of the townships to make them even more happier. She then hands out toys and treats. This year, Amira is planning something like this again. Are you helping? The amount required for this is €1500,–
“It’s more than enough,” Amira assured us.

For these three projects Gelukskinders has created items in the webshop:

Christmas gift for Amira Project 2


If you can’t make a choice, you can also make your contribution through building blocks:

Gelukskinders will then distribute your donation among the different options. During this operation, which lasts until 24 December, all building blocks shall be considered as such.

If you still want to contribute to the Christmas streaming concert, you can do so by buying extra tickets. As soon as the sale starts, you can either participate via Optog or through the webstore of Gelukskinders.

The effect of what Amira saw at the age of 7 can be seen here:

Recorded on 17 November 2020

We will keep you regularly informed about the course of this action.

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