Christmas promotion 2022

This year’s Christmas campaign, for Amira’s Gelukskinders foundation, consists of three parts.

Completing the netball tournament, the large playground in Hessie and sponsoring the Christmas concert in Bergeijk, Christmas With Amira.

There are four options in the webshop. Each part separately and a combination if you want to support all goals. The latter does have a minimum of € 15.00, so that dividing remains easy.

All children have a right to play. Gelukskinders lets them play. No matter how young Amira was when she saw this, she felt that it was not right, she was and still is right… The proof has already been provided many times. Overjoyed children in the schools and in the public Amira parks, a hustle and bustle of interest when there is no school.  Now there is a netball tournament coming up, a sport for girls, especially in townships it is already difficult to do something for these girls. Thanks to your support, all schools where there is a Gelukskinders playground plus the schools that receive one at a later stage have now received new sports kits. There is even talk of mutual competitions. Gelukskinders can make the difference and all thanks to an idea of a then 7-year-old girl… in 2011…

The objective of the Christmas campaign is €12,000. That’s a bucket load of money.

Each goal has a limit of €4000. Sponsors of the concert have no end goal, but netbal and Hessie must be full before we go over the limit for the concert.

The Christmas promotion runs until Christmas Eve. There will also be a lottery where nice gadgets can be won. Regular donors automatically participate. Will you join too, please?

As usual, we will keep you informed of the progress. Thank you in advance.

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