Christmas 2021 actions

First of all, we want to tell you that there is a post about the openings of two playgrounds on the Gelukskinders website. Clips to be seen there. They are awesome!

This year, the promotion consists of three different items that are present in the webshop. The final goal is estimated at €10,000 – a considerable amount. Hopefully, all fans who want to contribute can get this amount together.
The direct donation for Amira’s birthday concert will also continue.

The webshop items:

1. Project netball teams. It is Amira’s wish that all schools that have a playground of Gelukskinders provide a complete netball team with a real sports kit, something these schools do not have. This project will be reflected in further actions. The ultimate goal is a Gelukskinders tournament in 2023/24. A quiet starting goal now is €1000. Do you want to contribute to this? Update 14 December 2021. This option is closed now as this first action target has been met. Thank you all donors!

2. Project pre-school Morswedi Wa Both Kres in Sonderwater. A creche founded last year with already 81 children. There will be 9 custom-made playground equipment items with a total value of €4000. There is now 1 device on the grounds behind the school that is not suitable for children of that age. They can’t use it. Gelukskinders wants to delight this creche and therefore the children with a brand new playground. Opening planned in March next year shortly before Amira’s birthday. Some kind of gift for Amira, right? Would you like to contribute? Then follow this link: Christmas action 2021. Pre-school Morswedi Wa Both Kres

3. Gelukskinders sponsor the birthday concert. The board members are convinced that a streaming concert is good for Amira’s career as a singer in the long term. With her growing popularity, attention will also grow towards her foundation. There are also fans who, for various reasons, cannot donate directly through the Giftsformira web site. This is also a reasonable solution for these fans. Initially, this sponsorship deal goes together with a donation for maintenance. This on a 50/50 basis. The goal is €5000, so €2500 for the concert and €2500 for maintenance of the playgrounds. Here is the link: Christmas action 2021. Sponsoring 18th birthday concert and maintenance

Projects 1 and 2 will close when the goals for these projects are achieved. Project 3 does not close until December 24th. If we as fans are so generous that we go over the total amount of €10,000, then project 3 continues on a 70/30 basis – 70% for the birthday concert and 30% for maintenance. The birthday concert is an initiative of Amira herself. This is her ONLY and most fervent wish. The bills to pay for this concert have to be paid, which is why the undersigned hopes that we, as fans and donors, can make a big contribution, so that every fan can enjoy another streaming concert on Amira’s birthday! If you only want to contribute to the concert, you can do it at At the moment there is 60% inside for this concert. You can also visit that website for smaller, personal gifts for this Christmas.
The rhinos Fairy and Wendy are well cared for, so no extra push needs to be given this Christmas period. And no, this is not a decision that the undersigned has made himself.

Keep an eye on the webshop in the coming days. For the enthusiasts, Gelukskinders has something special in the offering. It looks like everyone who orders this can have the item at home before Christmas.

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