Amira’s Birthday

On March 27th, Amira celebrated her 15th Birthday. What a party it has been.
A party in the 80’s style, celebrated amongst friends and family.

Now the proceedings from the action raised by fans on Facebook as well as here on this very webpage.
And of course, what gifts she received from her donors, fans
The proceeds !! € 12040 An unparalleled fantastic result. Everyone a big THANK YOU.
The gifts: A new monument. The monument that stands in Amira Park, unfortunately, has been considerably damaged by vandals. After two years of waiting for the municipality to restore this, we ourselves have taken the initiative to give her a well-deserved new monument. This is now, safely inside, in the Promosa school.

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Helmut Lotti & Amira in concert and other March performances

On March 21st, Amira joined Helmut Lotti on stage at the Sun Arena in Pretoria as a guest star.

Helmut Lotti performed a wide variety of songs, ranging from Elvis Presley’s covers to opera arias. Amira performed Nella Fantasia solo and then was joined by Helmut Lotti to create a stunning duet rendition of The Prayer (originally by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli). They were given a standing ovation and Helmut Lotti presented Amira with a beautiful flower bouquet!

Helmut Lotti, Amira and Didier Vanderhasselt, the Ambassador of Belgium

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Amira’s Birthday is at hand

On the 27th of March Amira will celebrate her 15th Birthday.
On the facebook fanpage a fund raiser has already started.
Two Birthday gifts and financing a new playground for the Ourief School.
See previous post. The children of that school can use a playground. What is there is old and not useable anymore.
It’s a fourstep plan. The gifts are not only beautiful but also useful and as we mean well deserved too.

On the 27th of March we will let all fans see what kind of a Birthday Amira gets from her fans.
There is already quite a big respons on this particular action.
You can help too!
By following this link:

The foundation gelukskinders, therfor Amira too, will be very grateful.

Top performance by Amira

An eyewitness report. By Gerhard Landman and Rob Louw.

Everyone was biting their nails when Amira and her mom got caught in rush hour traffic, on Friday the 8th of February. They only arrived at the church very late…. less than 90 minutes before the concert started, and Amira and Martin still had to rehearse together. But both of them being professionals, they successfully rehearsed in less than 30 minutes, and they were perfectly ready when the concert started.


I was at the concert of Martin Mans (Organist) at the NG Church in suburb of Waverly in beautiful Pretoria on Friday the 8th of February – where Amira Fever exploded again over all the citizens of the world – Amira was absolutely stunning in delivering her repertoire – she sang as solo the following songs – First half started with Hallelujah – then Gabriella’s Sang and then How Great Thou Art – she then went upstairs to the organ and Martin Mans – and she sang in duet with him one or two Afrikaans Folk songs – after the 30 minute interval her solo songs were Your Love (Morricone), then Nessun Dorma – Amira got a standing ovation for this – again she went upstairs to organ and Martin Mans and she sang Onse Vader (Our Father – Lords Prayer in Afrikaans) – then Amazing Grace then another Folk song and the evening finished off with Nella Fanatasia – so at least 10 songs by Amira – absolutely magical evening and I still can’t believe what I heard – she is the BEST Soprano in the world right now and simply delivers performances that are so out of this world that you struggle to find words to do justice to her – Amira Fever everywhere – and the fans are coming from all over the world to South Africa to get a taste of Amira LIVE in concert – you have to come!!!!!!

Picture credits: Martin Mans

Amira on working visit. Ourief School

Last week Amira, together with Fincent, Frieda and Marc, paid a working visit to the Ouriefschool.
A small school, 90 students, that is eligible for a playground in 2020.
However, immediate action had to be taken. Only one cup for the whole school.
Typical Amira. Something important is missing, so ACTION. Don’t hesitate, just do it!


There are also a number of balls purchased and the children were also treated with sweets.
Again a top action from Amira!
There is a playground, but needs to be replaced or restored.
And enough space for more playground equipment.


Good news for lovers of good music, and Amira fans worldwide . . .
On Friday 18 January at 2:30PM (South African time) the talented young soprano, winner of Hollands’s got Talent five years ago at the tender age of just nine years, will be interviewed on Radio 702 in Johannesburg SA.
Amira will be interviewed for half an hour by charming resident host, Azania Mosaka, and will sing live a few of her most famous and well-loved songs, including O Mio Babbino Caro, and Nessun Dorma. A unique musical treat from a very special young lady, not to be missed.
The programme can be listened to by logging into the 702 website at 
The interview can also be enjoyed visually by logging directly into the 702 facebook page at

(source, Mike Fuller)

Christmas gift for Amira a great success! Children in Ikageng surprised with extra gifts.

Amira really wanted, instead of Christmas presents for her, one piece of playground equipment for a new playground.
Thanks to an action, with the help of “gelukskinders”, specially set up for this purpose on Facebook and here on, Amira can place a whole new playground.

More than € 8500,- has been donated. THANK YOU ALL.
Next year, 2019, FOUR new playgrounds that Amira will open… Fantastic!

Amira herself has made more children happy with all kinds of gifts from the proceeds of her last Christmas concerts in South Africa.

Especially balls… lots of balls, there were some smaller gifts too… Amira shows her golden heart again here.

For 200 children, in a township of Ikageng, this Christmas will be remembered for a long, long time.

The Drakenberg concert

An eyewitness report.

The Ken McKenzie Auditorium was packed to full capacity on Saturday night for a concert featuring the remarkable fourteen-year-old soprano prodigy, Amira Willighagen.

We were treated to solo performances of Ennio Morricone’s ‘Your Love’ and a magical rendition of ‘Hallelujah’.
She joined the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir to perform Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum Corpus’, César Franck’s ‘Panis Angelicus’,

Nilsson’s ‘Gabriellas Sång’, a memorable rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ and the upbeat Pentatonix version of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’.Amira gave the spellbound audience a taste of her richly powerful voice, and showed off her extraordinary ability to sing long legato phrases elegantly and to sustain top notes.
Sustained standing ovations paid due tribute to her amazing talent, and her decision to perform at our concert rather than attend an awards ceremony in France endeared her to all present. Bravissima Diva!