The Birthday Action End Result

The total amount raised is a massive €11,600! The funds will help bring a lot of joy to even more children. It will definitely make Amira very happy too!
The common thread! Amira’s own “thing” to use the funds to the benefit of children. Completion of 4 steps of the birthday action means she will have €2,000 for that purpose. Awesome!
The rhinos? The green bar was filled twice, which means a lot of milk for both Fairy and Wendy! 

Amira herself:

(…) This is an amazing amount with which we can make so many children happy! I want to give every single person that donated for my foundation and also everyone that supported my foundation a huge thank-you. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see that there are so many people with such big hearts surrounding my foundation and I. If I am so unbelievable grateful and Happy, can you imagine how the children here in South-Africa feel once they see a beautiful shiny playground in front of them! Something they have probably never seen before! You must realise the huge impact you as a donor/supporter make on so many children. You have made so many children’s childhoods and future’s so much brighter. They will be forever grateful. I also want to thank my foundation board members for all their hard work! I couldn’t have done it without you all.❤ (…)

Update 4: Just six more days until the BIG day for Amira.

The action currently running to support her foundation and her rhino project, in celebration of Amira’s birthday, will end MIDNIGHT South African time on March 26th. Please calculate yourself when that will be for you. For us it will be 23.00hrs on the 26th. The item in the webshop will then close.

How far are we in our birthday action COMMON THREAD AND THE GREEN BAR? Step 1,2 and 3 are completed! THANK YOU ALL DONORS

The ammount in total now is €7670. To complete step 4, maitenance €2000 and the common thread (Amira’s very own action €1000), another €1830 is needed. Step 5, the final one, is huge — €4500 for that one.

The foundation values each contribution the same. The foundation follows a biblical verse in this – Marc 12: 41-44. For those not biblical, the text can be found on the big Internet. This point of view probably means that the foundation will never be a big one… so be it!
All involved work by that principle. All Children Have A Right To Play…

Want to help Amira and her foundation too? An extra push because of her upcoming birthday? Follow the link: Birthday gift for Amira

No doubt we will post pictures of the festivities and maybe a video of the celebration with her friends.

Amira’s rhino project? The last minute info is that it has been COMPLETED. The green bar is full! We can now let it overflow.
The rhinos Fairy and Wendy are growing fast. I sure hope they will have a bright future ahead when released into the wild.

To help the rhinos: Buy a milk for Fairy The Rhino
Amira’s Patreon account for a long term commitment? Save rhinos

The result will be published together with the pictures and maybe a short video of the celebration.
(For the record: We are not as religious as it may seem)

Update 3: Closing in on the BIG day. Amira’s 17th birthday. One day less than a fortnight.

At this moment, we haven’t reached step 3 yet, but at least the Madibeng school can have their playground. Amira’s own “thing”, “the common thread”, which she is very good at, misses €95 for completion. Thank you ALL donors. You have been so generous!

Entering step 3 is close. I have no doubts it will be reached next week and who knows how far step 3 will be at the end of next week. Completion of step 3 means that Amira will get €1000 (€500 from steps 1 and 2 plus €500 from step 3) to spend on whatever benefits the children of the townships.

The end goal, as mentioned in our first post about Amira’s birthday, is to get Amira the same ammount as last year. For your memory, that was €4000. Just imagine what great things Amira can do with that kind of money. To reach that ammount though, steps 4 and 5 have to be taken. Can we, fans, reach the final target? This far, two new, small playgrounds can be built. This could change to one small and one big playground. Thanks to all who have donated this far and also thanks to all who still want to contribute. For donations into this action: Birthday Gift for Amira.

The rhinos Fairy and Wendy. A new picture? Almost, last time I checked it was at 82%, just another 18% is needed. No doubt a new picture will appear next week.

For donations there: Milk for Fairy The Rhino.
Or for a longer-term support, go to Amira’s Patreon Account. Don’t forget to sign out if you want to support this account for only one month. Who knows, maybe you like what you see there. Could well be you stay for another month or so. Specials for members only.

Update 2: Entering week three.

Birthday gift for Amira. Another 19 days to go! A common thread and the green bar
Have we entered step 2 ? Yes we have. Thank you for your donations. And Amira can start planning to do her own thing too!! Awesome. Currently, we are at the ammount of €1825. A good result. R-Grade Promosa will get a nice almost new playground.

Entering step 2

This needs some explanation. During the Christmas action last year you as donators saved up for new playgrounds the ammount of €3940. Another €2000 is needed to give this small school a new and upgraded playground.
After completing this step Amira’s own plan will grow with another €250.

Step 3

It will be Opang Diatla school, a bigger school, so a bigger playground. If you, as fans, can complete this one, then the Madibeng school has to wait another year.
If you want to help Amira build more playgrounds, then Amira, the schools and, most of all, the children will be happy – able to play on equipment from Amira’s very own foundation Gelukskinders.

Follow the link to donate: Birthday gift for Amira

All Children Have A Right To Play

Let’s not forget the rhinos Fairy and Wendy, Amira’s other project. Can you help there (too)? Fill up the green bar and we will add another picture of the rhinos and Amira when it happens. Curently the green bar is at 75%. Follow the link: Milk for Fairy The Rhino
For a long-term support, you can sign up for Amira’s Patreon Account. There are some privileges there. Pictures and clips with Amira and the rhinos. The plan is to raise these baby rhinos until they are old enough to return to the wild.

Next Sunday another update on this action.

Start of the second week into our effort to give Amira a Birthdaygift to remember.

Thanks to all who already participated, the battery is charged now to complete the first step.

Common thread and the green bar: part two.

Did we, as fans, complete the first step? Let’s just say we are on our way. €720,– have been donated this far. To complete the first step and the common thread, Amira’s own “thing”, we might need another week or so. No worries, still a full month to go.

The upgrade of Promosa R-Grade playground will go ahead, without a doubt. We, as fans, can help there but Gelukskinders will fill the gap if there is any,

It would be nice to reach the second step by next week so we can reveal what precisely that plan is.

How are the rhinos Fairy and Wendy doing?

The green bar is at 92% (at this moment). Quick calculating tells me that another €48,– is needed today to complete this month effort. Tomorrow is, as you know the first of March. The bar will be empty again. ( The Kofi link)

It surely would be awesome if Amira’s patreon account is full by the end of March

The €7,– option has 41 empty spaces.
The €14,– option has 29 open space.
The €20,– option has 9 open spaces.

The rhinos Fairy and Wendy will have a bright future in the wild. Amira fans can do this.

For the various links see below in our first post. Give Amira a Birthday to dream about.

On March 27th Amira will be 17! We will not let this go unnoticed, just like in previous years.

For her foundation Gelukskinders, this will be a 5-step plan, with Amira’s own plan as the leitmotiv, which can be slowly built up into a grand plan, in the order of magnitude of that of last year.

The start is careful: The adopted playground for the little ones in the Promosa School should become a real Gelukskinders’ playground. Some playground equipment really needs to be replaced. This will cost €1500. Then Amira’s plan for an initial amount of €250.
This is the first step. Then, either the Madibeng school or the Opang Diatla school comes into the picture for a new playground.

In conclusion, in two steps, the increase of the maintenance fund, with the super ending, a big boost for Amira’s own plan. We will keep you informed of the progress over the next few weeks.

Should the goals be achieved, then Gelukskinders and Amira can look further ahead, beyond the city limits of Potchefstroom, and many more playgrounds.

Gelukskinders has placed an item for this in the webshop.

For those who haven’t seen the streaming concert of Amira, she has also volunteered to become an ambassador for, now still small, rhinos – Fairy and Wendy. The rhinos are at risk of extinction. The intention is to return both rhinos to their natural habitat once they are larger.
Here too you can help if you want. This can be done via the following options:

Amira Willighagen’s Patreon fund-raiser for Fairy and Wendy, the rhinos. For this option you need to register to make a donation. You can choose between €7, €14 or €20. You must unsubscribe if you only want to do this once. DO NOT FORGET!

A slightly simpler option is this: Milk for Fairy the rhino.
Only one option of €3, multiple times this amount is also allowed.

Gelukskinders cannot post an item for this purpose, even if they would like to. You will have to arrange this yourself. As fans, can we “overflow” the green bar on this account? However, we cannot say exactly how much is being donated there. The bar goes up to €600 per month. Everything over it is shown as a percentage.

This birthday promotion will of course run until Amira’s birthday, March 27th.

We will keep you informed of the progress every week.

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