CD-recording completed

amira-stonehenge2_rThis week-end Netherlands’ youngest opera talent Amira Willighagen went into the studio to record her debute album. Amira traveled to the south of England, where it took her only two days to record all tracks for her first album.  Recording was done in a studio not far from the world famous Stonehenge.

On the page TV & Video you can find an item from RTL Boulevard about the recording of the CD in England.

Amira in the Social Media

In the social media -especially on Facebook and Twitter- there are many accounts with names such as Amira WillighagenAmira HGT et cetera. New accounts with similar names are created regularly. Which one to follow? To fans and other people who’d like to know more about Amira, it’s difficult to find out which accounts or pages to check; Besides that it’s just sad that there are people who only can draw attention to themselves by using (or rather abusing) Amira’s name!

AmiraFans has an issue with that and wants to help out. Reason? First of all we’d like to make clear to anyone interested in Amira’s personality and talent, where her official news can be found. Second, besides being an opera talent, Amira is also just an ordinary child. It’s very well possible that other children from +/- Amira’s age just get acquainted with the social media and think to have become friends with “Amira”, although they in fact don’t know for sure.

So what we did was just ask, and we got a very clear answer:  There is only one single Facebook page which is maintained by Amira’s family and at which Amira occasionally posts something herself. This Facebook-page is Amira Willighagen Official. All other pages or accounts -on Facebook as well as Twitter, Hyves and all other social media- are either created by fans, or they are just fake.

If and when pages or accounts on other social media will be added, AmiraFans will let you know on this page.

Amira’s first CD is coming!

Great news for all fans: Amira Willighagen is currently preparing to record her first CD, which will be release in Spring and contains opera tunes. Which and how many tracks will be recorded for the album, isn’t clear yet.We expect at least the songs O mio babbino caroAve Maria and Nessun dorma, which Amira performed during Holland’s Got Talent, will be on the album. We don’t know yet how and when Amira’s CD will be on sale. As soon as we have more information, we definitely let you know.

The photo shoot for the CD cover pictures took place during the first weekend of February. Of course the final cover photos aren’t available yet, but we do have some photos for you from the preparations.

Amira wins Leemkuil Run

 Besides singing, Amira enjoys sports. We already knew that. Athletics is her favourite kind of sports, so on Sunday January 19th she took part in the Leemkuil Run 2014, which was organised by Nijmegen-based athletics club Cifla. Amira took part in the 1200 meters run for children up to 10 years of age.

Of all girls Amira finished first with a time of 00:05:04 and was not less than 12 seconds ahead of the number 2, Nova Ysveld from Berg en Dal. Over-all, Amira was 3rd in her category and still was the fastest of all the girls; She had to let Teun ter Haar and Bart Franssen, both from Nijmegen, take 1st and 2nd place.

During the run some nice action photos were taken.

Hard work

After Amira worked so hard during the episodes of Holland’s Got Talent to first win the semi-finals, followd by the finals on December 28th,  it was the time for AmiraFans start off and do something too. Piece by piece this web site was shaped. Links to videos, interviews and articles were colleted. More photos were added, but at the time of writing of this post, these mainly contain of screenshots and a handful of photo’s which is available on numerous other web sites as well.

Hopefully we can dress up AmiraFans more & more, and create a nice place for all the fans to hang around or visit from time to time!  Of course fans are invited to contribute! If you have any original (photo or video)material, please contact us!