Christmas promotion 2022

This year’s Christmas campaign, for Amira’s Gelukskinders foundation, consists of three parts.

Completing the netball tournament, the large playground in Hessie and sponsoring the Christmas concert in Bergeijk, Christmas With Amira.

There are four options in the webshop. Each part separately and a combination if you want to support all goals. The latter does have a minimum of € 15.00, so that dividing remains easy.

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Amira’s Christmas concert

“Christmas With Amira”

Where? In “De Kattendans” in Bergeijk
When? Sunday, 18 December
What time? 14.00 hrs
Tickets? Available from 15 November via

In “De Kattendans” ticket sales are also possible. Someone from Gelukskinders will be present on 6-7-8 December and also on 13-14-15 December between 10.00 and 14.00hrs.

While stock lasts.

What can you expect?
Amira (the winner HGT 2013) will bring you a Christmas concert this afternoon as you have rarely experienced. She will sing classic Christmas melodies for you, in a way that only Amira can. Goosebumps and tears… Your ears won’t believe it. Let yourself be carried away to higher realms by her, as she says herself, “talent that she has received from God.”

A guest pianist is Anne Keizer (Voicekids 2012). She also shows her best side.
She plays her own compositions and a Christmas medley. She will also accompany Amira.

The concert will last for about an hour and a half.

Amira’s 4th fan day: Dec.20, 2022

We are happy to announce that the fourth Amira fan day will be held on Tuesday the 20th of December. It will be a day to remember for the true fans of Amira.

For those who were there in Turnhout; prepare for something like that but BETTER.

We have reason to believe that in the weekend prior to this fan day Amira will have one or more performances. That is why we cannot plan this in that weekend. If Amira performs on Sunday, then on Monday a rest for her is needed. Therefor, Tuesday the 20th. Later is no option either. Every fan should be home by Christmas, if they want to, of course.

Where? “Zalencentrum De Hoendrik” in Herveld.
Time: From 16.00 hrs till 22.00 hrs

We found a hotel having reasonable prices – Hotel Nimma | Hotel and Restaurant in Nijmegen
Price for two nights (19th till the 21st) per room varies from €135 to €152.
One of the organisers will be there to welcome you.
Transport to and from the hotel and the venue in Herveld will be arranged.
Of course, you are free to search for your place to stay but the travel arrangement is from the hotel and back.

An entry fee for the fan day will be €50 per person. For what you get, it will be worth every penny.

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Guest appearance Amira, benefit for neuro-diversity.

On May 14th, Amira, together with a diversity of artists, will bring you an online concert, for the benefit of special learning resources for youth and young adults who are dealing with a form of neuro-diverse symptoms. For example, you can think of autism.

You can watch this show at home from 18.30 to about 21.00 South African time.

You can order your tickets here:

Easter action starts

Start of the Easter action for Gelukskinders.

First let me say that I do not turn a blind eye to what else is going on in this world. My thoughts are with all the families whose next of kin is never to return home… And it doesn’t matter from which country you are. So sad… But also good to see so many people from all over the world reaching out to the refugees, either in goods or money.

The foundation Gelukskinders tries to make the lives of children in the townships of South Africa a bit more happier by giving them the ooportunity to play in actual playgrounds. Now added are sports equipment for the higher grade children including a tournament in netbal for the girls and soccer for the boys. The girls go first… as it should be… and we start with collecting for the township Hessie, the third big public playground. As both are rather expensive we hope we can finish these projects in two actions this year… The target: for this Easter action is €10.000,–.

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