Another South-African performance for Amira

South Africa loves Amira! After her earlier performances in 2014 in Somerset-West, Durban and Johannesburg, this time it’ll be Pretoria where the sun will shine!

Amira will perform on July 30th, during Classics is Groot, a big event with full, world-class orchestra and together with many big names in African music, among which no one less than Corlea Botha, and South Africa’s best tenor Jannie Moolman.

Classics is Groot will be organized for the first time this year, and is a spin-off of the series of Afrikaans is Groot-concerts, which can be seen as the major series of concerts aimed at (pop) music in the African (Afrikaans) language.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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  1. I just love her and her singing. I listen to her for hours. Getting some of CD’s soon.

  2. She is so special and sings so beautifully. I listen to her for hours. Soon getting some of her cds

  3. I would like to share with Amira that my 31 year old son is absolute crazy about your music. He is mentally handicapped can not read or write speaks 3 languages. He is absolue adorable..Hopefully we can go to one of your conserts soon

  4. please update about the 2nd playground and Amira’s conceert in Pretoria !! ty ty

  5. Can anyone leave a written description of this concert? what did she sing…how did it go…that kind of report. ty. A true-blue Amira fan from the USA. And anything on her second playground opening would be appreciated too ! ty

  6. Amira. We are waiting for new videos of your latest performances. It has now been over 7 months since you posted anything worth watching. Please don’t deny your fans who are waiting to hear the best of your incredible voice…..

  7. I agree, a special person, special voice and special message…

  8. Amira is a hero. Her voice is like no other.

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