Amira’s vacation in the Netherlands and surrounding countries

Amira is now enjoying a long holiday in the Netherlands, together with her boyfriend D.J. and Fincent.

A visit to Amsterdam is a must:

They visited the theme park “De Efteling”:

The birthday of her father Gerrit was also celebrated:

Amira also received her exam results. Graduated laude with eight A’s! This was also celebrated, both in the Netherlands and at her mother’s house in South Africa:

They visited the city of Trier in Germany:

A three-country trip – Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg:

The tourist attraction of “Kinderdijk” where many windmills line up along the water:

Maastricht, Andre Rieu’s hometown. Of course a visit had to be made:

The fan club day. It was a fun day for all the fans who were there. Amira put her very best foot forward. There was a lottery, an auction and all kinds of items could be bought:

Finally, the Gelukskinders concert. In a well-filled concert hall, “De Kattendans” in Bergeijk, Amira gave an incomparable concert. She sang Christmas carols from her repertoire. She also sang some songs together with Anne Keizer who showed her talent on the piano. Anne also played two unmatched solos. The entire concert was recorded and will be available on Amira’s new streaming service in due course. A CD of this concert will also be available, probably just before the coming Christmas period.

* All the above photos – Amira’s Official Facebook page and our own collection.

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  1. I love Amira she is such a nice girl and loves her family.She is not conceited and is a normal girl.She has this fantastic voice but does not boast about it and thinks it is a gift from god.

  2. I just love Amira forever. I wish her well. I thank God for her success in everything she does. The world can expect much of her in the future and now

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