Amira’s first solo concert!

Coming up, Amira’s very first solo concert! You don’t want to miss it!
A streaming concert for you to watch from your own seat at home. More information about obtaining one or more tickets to follow on the 26th of August. We will keep you posted!

Important update for fans who purchased their tickets via Gelukskinders web shop – please scroll down.

Amira invites fans to her first solo concert:


  • Go to
  • Select the Amira e-ticket, add to cart and complete the checkout process.
  • Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive an email confirming your e-ticket purchase.
  • You will also receive an email with an auto-generated password to log into your account on the website.
  • The website will automatically create an account for you upon purchase of the ticket. If you already have an account on our website, login before purchasing the ticket so that the e-ticket can be allocated to your existing account.
  • Ticket sales will go live at 09:00 Wednesday morning (26 August)
  • On Friday, 11 September at 08:00 the show will go live on the OPTOG! website
  • You can watch the show at any time during the weekend, 11 – 13 September 2020.
  • The show can be viewed on phone, iPad , Smart TV, laptop or any other device where you are able to connect to the internet to access the website.
  • You can still buy tickets during the weekend of 11 to 13 September until 21:00 on Sunday evening, 13 September.
  • All of the above times are South African time.


  1. Go to
  3. Fill in your username and password (gebruikersnaam & wagwoord)
  4. Click “MELD AAN” / “LOG IN

For technical support or troubleshooting, please contact optog via Whatsapp +27 71 686 7733

If you have problems with buying a ticket for the upcoming streaming concert, please follow this link.

Update 28-8-20

If you have problems with buying a ticket for the upcoming streaming concert, Gelukskinders now offers you the option to still obtain your ticket (s) via this item: from the webshop. Think of this as an actual ticket purchase and not as a donation.

Gelukskinders does not intend to make a profit with this promotion. You pay a little more because of bank charges that we have to pay. This is popularly called customer service.

Plus what’s good for Amira now, by selling tickets, is also good for the foundation in the longer term. So ONLY if nothing works or can be done via \

You will NOT receive your optog account immediately upon payment. Gelukskinders does not pay “optog” in advance. This will take a number of days. More communication will follow later

Tickets purchased via Gelukskinders web shop
The Gelukskinders item for a ticket for this weekend, Amira’s first solo e-streaming concert “Dream with me”, has closed.
Tickets can only be purchased now via

Gelukskinders orders, item 4448 through to 4515 have all been sent to the organisers of this concert: OPTOG. All will get an email from OPTOG before the show starts, either with an account number and a password or for a further question. Please keep an eye on your spambox too.
Most should already have it.

Troubles? Ask or via WhatsApp  +27 71 686 7733 within office hours.
During the concert troubleshooters from OPTOG will be on standby for the full 72 hours.

ENJOY the show!

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One Comment

  1. Mr. Robert J. Paulmann

    Miss Willighagen, I loved your Solo Performance so much so, that I had to watch it Over & Over Again. Your Performance was so Superior, that there is ” NO ” Word OR Words in Exsistance to go Discribing how well you did in your Performance. I hope that you will be able to come out with a lot more just like this Performance. If this Solo Performance ever gets put on to both CD & DVD, then I’m going to plan on Purchasing a Number of Copies of each. I Almost Cried when your Performance had ended, that’s how Superior your Performance was. Keep Up the Superior Job Miss Wiilighagen, and Thank You for making me Very Happy by putting on that Concert. GOD Bless you Miss Willighagen, Now and Always.

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