Amira’s first CD is coming!

Great news for all fans: Amira Willighagen is currently preparing to record her first CD, which will be release in Spring and contains opera tunes. Which and how many tracks will be recorded for the album, isn’t clear yet.We expect at least the songs O mio babbino caroAve Maria and Nessun dorma, which Amira performed during Holland’s Got Talent, will be on the album. We don’t know yet how and when Amira’s CD will be on sale. As soon as we have more information, we definitely let you know.

The photo shoot for the CD cover pictures took place during the first weekend of February. Of course the final cover photos aren’t available yet, but we do have some photos for you from the preparations.

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  1. regards from Mexico Amira!!, if the myth of sirens was true, they maybe sang like you, your voice is an amazing gift for us, thank you for do it

  2. Nasser Paruli (from The Philippines)

    I can’t find the right words to say how beautiful and angelic your voice is Amira.. but i’m sure that people with solemn hearts will find their tears in their cheeks as they listen to your soul piercing voice.. May GOD Bless you Amira.. (from Philippines).

  3. Your voice is heavenly. A voice that can liberate the soul.

  4. Amira you are just a heavenly vision and blessing to the world my dear. Bless you.

  5. This young lady makes me feel love when she is singing…


    Honey, you are a person of extraordinary talent … I get emotional every time I hear her sing. When you can come to Brazil, would like to meet her in person, because I became a hardcore fan. Beautiful and with a very strong personality. Continue gracing us with her beautiful voice for this around the world. My desire is that God in his infinite wisdom, continue every second of his earthly sojourn, blessing your life and filling it with health, peace, joy, happiness, positive energy, sincere and lasting friendships, success, strength and love. That his family remains united and blessed. Kisses in the heart of each of you and be with GOD.

    (original Portuguese message:) Querida, você é uma pessoa de talento extraordinário… Me emociono todas as vezes que a ouço cantar. Quando puder vir ao Brasil, gostaria de conhecê-la pessoalmente, pois me tornei sua fã incondicional. Linda e com uma personalidade muito forte. Continue nos agraciando com sua belíssima voz por esse mundo a fora. Meu desejo é que DEUS em sua infinita sabedoria, continue a cada segundo de sua estada terrena, abençoando sua vida e enchendo-a com saúde, paz, alegrias, felicidades, energias positivas, amizades sinceras e duradouras, sucesso, força e muito amor. Que sua família continue sendo unida e abençoada. Beijos no coração de cada um de vocês e fiquem com DEUS.

  7. Tom Saint Clair

    Amira Willighagen ! How can such a beautiful young lady be blessed with this musical gift – singing like an angel. We recently viewed some HGT performances and were overwhelmed with the way she delivered some arias. You, young lady, have brought joy and happiness into our home. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful life and career. Please let me know when your first music cd will be out – we cannot wait to get this ! Until next time, good bye young lady, and God bless.

  8. Of all the stars in the universe , you are one of the brightest.

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