Amira’s concert “On My Own” tickets

The live concert is a COMPLETE sell out!

Tickets for the on-line concert are now on sale via this link: Optog!: On My Own. Ticket price is ZAR 150.

Only if you are unable to pay for your ticket via Optog, then you can go to the Gelukskinders webshop via this link: On My Own tickets ( Ticket price via Gelukskinders is €10.

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A ticket via Gelukskinders will get you a coupon code / gift voucher. This way you can choose your own time when you want to watch it.

Each coupon code is only valid once, for one e-ticket. Anyone buying more than one ticket must receive the same amount of coupons.
No one will be able to share their coupon and they won’t be able to use it more than once. This means that if you want to give away a coupon, then you will have to send the email address of the one receiving your gift to:

Each buyer will get a couponcode via email  from:
If you can’t find it the day after, then please check your spambox.

Those who donated to the concert or to the Gelukskinders Christmas action, as well as regular donators to the foundation, will get their coupon code from Optog.

The concert can be viewed from the 27th of March, Amira’s 18th Birthday. If you want to view on the first three days of this concert and have to buy your ticket via Gelukskinders, then please order now. By the 18th of March, Gelukskinders members are in South Africa and have only sporadically time to log in and process your ticket. 

What can you expect?
Some of the songs Amira will be singing are: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again [Phantom Of The Opera], La Califfa [Ennio Morricone] and of course… My Favorite Things [The Sound Of Music]

Here are the words about this concert written by Amira on her official Facebook page.

The theme of this concert is golden 18, where beautiful gold and pink colours won’t only be seen on stage but will also be heard in the music. From the music, you can expect dreamy, charming tunes from many different genres: musical, cross-over, classical music and opera. Of course, this concert wouldn’t be real gold without the accompaniment of a beautiful live orchestra of which the conductor is the exceptionally talented Mister Richard Cock. The title of the concert gives a hint of the message and emotions that will be carried through this concert, which is becoming 18! It can be scary, but also magical to stand on your own as a young adult. In this concert, I really want to show the world what I have learned from music over the past nine years. I also want to share my God given talent on this special occasion. This is also a wonderful opportunity for me to thank my family, friends and fans who have supported me for the past nine years.
I hope that you’re just as excited as I am to hear what a golden 18th birthday sounds like…❤

Much love,

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One Comment

  1. I can be a hard minded person. But I had tears of joy in my heart watching this concert.
    It was wonderful..Beautifully done…Amiras glowing personality was
    matched with her gifted voice..and each song was well picked. Also..I love her accent..and her sweet speaking voice. Love just to hear her talk.
    Maestro Cock and the Phoenix Orchestra filled the venue with
    perfectly arranged and performed melodies. The whole show displayed the kind of warmth and class that I feel Amira will always deserve. God Bless and protect her always.
    I pray she will let us enjoy her
    talent for as long as she wants to.

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