Amira’s Birthday

On March 27th, Amira celebrated her 15th Birthday. What a party it has been.
A party in the 80’s style, celebrated amongst friends and family.

Now the proceedings from the action raised by fans on Facebook as well as here on this very webpage.
And of course, what gifts she received from her donors, fans
The proceeds !! € 12040 An unparalleled fantastic result. Everyone a big THANK YOU.
The gifts: A new monument. The monument that stands in Amira Park, unfortunately, has been considerably damaged by vandals. After two years of waiting for the municipality to restore this, we ourselves have taken the initiative to give her a well-deserved new monument. This is now, safely inside, in the Promosa school.

She also received the real sculpture on her Birthday. This is made by mr. Erkelens and for a very reasonable friend’s price to us, you can easily say , he almost gave it away.

Second gift a beautiful new dress. She was ready for that. Growing children need something new from time to time. A “unicorn” dress .. It is beautiful.

The Ourief school will have a brand new playground this year, instead of next year.
The “Gelukskinders” foundation doubles the number of playgrounds in just one year.
From 6 to 12. Many more children will really be happy with this.
This playground is also guaranteed for five years of maintenance
The webshop can be expanded with a donation of € 1000,–
And the general maintenance fund can be increased by more than € 6000,–

Thank you all for your generous gifts. On to the big concert in Turnhout. Five years Gelukskinders is then celebrated in a big way. November 30th the fan day and December 1st a concert to enjoy …

Photo credits Amira Willighagen Official FB and Marc

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  1. Dear Amira,You have so very much to give to The World and are and, yourself am a Gift from Heaven. While your voice is a so very precious gift, you MUST take care of it and I am sure that Your Mentor will be doing that. I understand that she is the lady with whom you sing the Flower Duet so you will be in good hands. Thank you so very much for brightening The World for us lesser mortals. Please just keep right on singing for us.

    From John Cupis, Timsbury, Bath and N.E. Somerset, UK

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