Amira’s Birthday is at hand

On the 27th of March Amira will celebrate her 15th Birthday.
On the facebook fanpage a fund raiser has already started.
Two Birthday gifts and financing a new playground for the Ourief School.
See previous post. The children of that school can use a playground. What is there is old and not useable anymore.
It’s a fourstep plan. The gifts are not only beautiful but also useful and as we mean well deserved too.

On the 27th of March we will let all fans see what kind of a Birthday Amira gets from her fans.
There is already quite a big respons on this particular action.
You can help too!
By following this link:

The foundation gelukskinders, therfor Amira too, will be very grateful.

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  1. mira yo tortuga te lo envio con mi corazon

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