An update: Amira turns sixteen!

Final update:

The total proceeds from the collection set up by the fans for the benefit of her Gelukskinders foundation is exactly, no lie, € 20,000. A gigantic amount. Thank you all donors!

All objectives have been achieved and Amira will get more than € 4000 with which she can make children of the townships even happier.

Third update: In these days when a virus is roaming the world, we wish you all not to be affected. South Africa is also not immune from it. All plans are suspended until further notice. Take enough Amira vitamins to help you get through it. The action: Where are we? Oh my … with one week to go. You are all fantastic. All planned projects can be realized. Can we do more? Do you want to complete the surplus of the promotion too? If that happens, the rest will go to Amira who can use it, within the limits of Gelukskinders, to make the children of the townships a little bit more happy. Next week the end result !!

Second update With two more weeks to go, this action has made a big boost. Project 1 COMPLETE. First part project 2 Complete. Project 3? Nearly there. You donators are awesome!! Below, the full content of the projects planned. Can you give Amira a huge Birthday present too? Thank you!

An update after two weeks into this action and we can tell you we are halfway the first project. Thank you all donators. This action goes on for another four weeks. We will update regularly.

A new playground as present for Amira's Birthday. Please a small donation into

Today (Valentine’s Day, February 14th), exactly in six weeks, Amira will be sixteen. We can all make it a big party.

She has shared her exceptional talent with the world. It is something many are grateful to her for. The writer of this post can only confirm that. Goosebumps! Tears! Who has not had them? When she also says, just like that, on TV that she wants to build playgrounds in townships of South Africa, you completely fall for it.

The Gelukskinders Foundation was born to give every fan an opportunity to implement her ideals together with Amira. Every playground is a gift for her. She is already happy with just one piece of equipment! In recent years, the donors, generous supporters of Amira’s foundation, have already realized fantastic projects following various promotions. This year, it won’t be much different. WITH a special TOUCH from Amira herself!

The foundation will realize two new playgrounds this year. Everyone who can count, comes to 15 playground projects… YOOHOO? She will be 16!

So, this will be the first project.

We are going to sponsor a sixteenth playground for her. This is going to be a project in an orphanage called HOSPICE EMMANUEL LOVING ANGELS for the little ones (0-5-year-old) in Promosa. A few pieces of playground equipment adapted to their age of course.

The second project, in two parts, is the “TOUCH” of Amira

Amira would like for musical talents (soloists and choirs) from the schools where playgrounds are already built or are being built to have an opportunity to perform on a really big stage, at least once! It is discussed with a local university whether it would be possible to organize it in their auditorium.

The children of the schools where a new playground is placed are invited to attend. This year, it can be done. The schools of the planned projects are small. That concert will happen in the second half of October 2020. That way, Amira does not have to open all playgrounds. Naturally, photos of the new playgrounds in the course of this year will be taken.

Maybe she is willing to go to the orphanage. After all, these children are too small to come to the concert.

The third project

Take over one of the two planned projects.

Both projects are equally expensive. The Keotsipile and Bokamosa schools are the lucky ones. Repair or replace existing equipment and add new ones. What is placed there now is no longer safe for children. It is urgent that something is done about this.

If all this succeeds, we will close this promotion with the second part of the TOUCH of Amira.

These three projects together are estimated at € 11,000. Given the last year’s results, it should be possible. We are going for it. The foundation and Amira are already happy if the orphanage project can be realized. You will be kept informed of the progress during the upcoming weeks.

The surplus, if there is one, is a contribution to the last repair bill. That’s a hefty bill. A small playground could be built from it. However, Stichting Gelukskinders is committed to maintaining the projects they have placed.

Do you also want to help realize this gift for Amira? The foundation has a new item in the web shop. Follow this link: Amira’s 16th Birthday.

A smaller amount? No Paypal, Mastercard or Visa? You can transfer to the following bank number:
IBAN NL21RABO0300142315
Gelukskinders Foundation
Transfer name “Amira’s birthday”.

Amira gives all she has to the world. We give a little back in gratitude and for the children in townships.

USA fans, if you want to do more, you can follow this link: CAF – Gelukskinders USA.

Questions? Please send an email to:

This initiative is fully supported by the foundation!

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  1. Enjoyed your Father’s Day tribute. Hope to hear more songs when the lockdown improved. It’s better in England now. Greetings to you all.

  2. Enjoyed your lockdown videos, Amira. virus protection suit is cute, but prefer your ball gowns. May our Lord’s protection be on you and all your family at this difficult time. So you have two dogs now; what about the cats?

  3. Anne Conyers Hom

    Your voice is of an angel. Unforced. Light-filled. We are all made of Light. You help bring it out. For the children. Thank you!

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