Gifts for Amira

At the end of August Amira launched a new gift system on her official FB page.

 This system is there for the family to have some control on what is delivered at their doorstep.

A first group gift will soon start and will be posted in this very post.

  1. Should a fan want to spoil Amira with a gift, please use this system as this is the only official and accredited system implemented by Amira and to be used by all fans.
  2. A gift is a personal and private action between the giver and Amira.
  3. This is also the only system that can be used for any fan-action-gifts (a gift where fans can contribute to a gift). Over and above Amira’s Christmas and birthday actions, fan-action-gifts will be limited to only a 2 per year and only 1 action at a time. Rosa will discuss your suggestion with the family and once approved, it will be actioned by Krzysztof, the leader of Amira’s main fan page on FB and Nico, p.r. for the foundation and helping hand in various ways. Both happen to be moderators of this webpage too. Please do not present your suggestion to the family, only suggestions submitted via the below email will be taken into consideration. Please do not get involved in any other gift or funding opportunity where Amira’s name is used as it is not accredited by Amira. The only people that are accredited by Amira to drive fan-action-gifts (once approved) are the two persons mentioned above.
  4. Definition of gift: a thing given willingly to someone without payment, a present… with no expectation to get something in return.
  5. Please communicate in English. If your language is not English then please use Google Translate first.
  6. Always use this email address: Your request will be answered and when all details have been given, it will be done according to your wishes.
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