Amira in the Social Media

In the social media -especially on Facebook and Twitter- there are many accounts with names such as Amira WillighagenAmira HGT et cetera. New accounts with similar names are created regularly. Which one to follow? To fans and other people who’d like to know more about Amira, it’s difficult to find out which accounts or pages to check; Besides that it’s just sad that there are people who only can draw attention to themselves by using (or rather abusing) Amira’s name!

AmiraFans has an issue with that and wants to help out. Reason? First of all we’d like to make clear to anyone interested in Amira’s personality and talent, where her official news can be found. Second, besides being an opera talent, Amira is also just an ordinary child. It’s very well possible that other children from +/- Amira’s age just get acquainted with the social media and think to have become friends with “Amira”, although they in fact don’t know for sure.

So what we did was just ask, and we got a very clear answer:  There is only one single Facebook page which is maintained by Amira’s family and at which Amira occasionally posts something herself. This Facebook-page is Amira Willighagen Official. All other pages or accounts -on Facebook as well as Twitter, Hyves and all other social media- are either created by fans, or they are just fake.

If and when pages or accounts on other social media will be added, AmiraFans will let you know on this page.

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