Amira enchants Royal Albert Hall

During the BT Christmas Concert in december, Amira enchanted the audience in the Royal Albert Hall in London. This time, with her interpretation of O Holy Night, a Christmas classic she sang for the first time in public.

Amira - "O Holy Night" @ Royal Albert Hall 2014/12/15 (STEREO)

During the concert, filming was not allowed. Also, we don’t know if a professional video registration of the concert has been made. So, not very usable video material available, but luckily some more useful audio recordings landed on various smart phones in the audience. Check out what happens if you put them together in a stereo-mix…

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  1. OH MY GRACIOUS ALIVE!! Absolutely beautiful!! I had not known of this until today Dec 12, 2018. Amira has the heart and soul to send chills down your spine when she delivers her special talent into a song like this!! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

  2. Steve Trigonoplos

    Thank you for this ! I also like the live video, at one point a lady looks as if she has witnessed a Christmas miracle……., in a way, perhaps she has!

  3. Stephen Pashley


    You are an absolute delight to listen to.

    You have a God-given talent to sing so beautifully.
    You are an inspiration. I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to hear you live.

  4. W. Douglas Smith

    Don’t forget to be a child and enjoy growing up even though your voice and talent are so absolutely amazing. So many before have leaped to fame and lost both their unique talents and good character. I’m selfish in that I hope to hear your voice for decades to come and know you remain a person of honor, generosity and strong character.

  5. Wil je graag vertellen hoe goed je bent

  6. I was privileged to be in the Royal Albert Hall when Amira sang this lovely Christmas carol so well. Truly her voice filled the huge Hall, and blended with the choir beautifully, rising to a spectacular climax. Thank you for this stereo version, which reminds me of that unforgettable evening!

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