Amira announces annual planning for Gelukskinders

And more. In a long video clip.

First, we still owe you the results of the last Christmas action.
A success! Once again, you can look forward to a streaming concert. On view from the 27th of March, how coincidental, Amira’s 18th birthday. If you are in the vicinity of Pretoria, you can also attend this concert on the 20th of March at the Atterbury Theatre.

The proceeds for the Gelukskinders purposes were €6685 total.
This has prompted Amira to give everyone who donated to the birthday concert or the Christmas promotion a free ticket. Further reports about the free tickets will follow later.

Now, the annual planning brought to you by Amira:

A very brief summary:
Opening of playgrounds in the schools Keotsipile and Bokamosa, last week of February and the second week of March, as well as the creche in Sonderwater, Morswedi Wa Both Kres, at the end of March in the presence of a number of fans.

Planned actions to start around Easter: Project Hessie – a large public playground. Total costs €15,000, divided into two actions. Continuation of the netball project, kits with 5 professional balls per school plus preparations for a Gelukskinders tournament.

For the full text, please follow the link: Year 2022 Planning brought by Amira – Gelukskinders Foundation

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