Album release on March 22nd

On Saturady March 22nd, Amira will present her very first CD in one of Holland’s most well-known zoos.

Amira’s album, on which her favourite aria’s have been supplemented with a rich selection of classical compositions, was recorded last month in England. The 9-year-old opera singer said in an interview for regional broadcaster Omroep Gelderland that she’s very satisfied about the result.

The ‘duet’ which appeared on YouTube earlier and where Amira performed Nessun Dorma together with the late Luciano Pavarotti, will not be on the CD, says Amira’s father Gerrit to AmiraFans. De recording work for the CD had already finished in February and the ‘duet’ originated during Amira’s appearance in the Complimentary Breackfast radio show on Jacaranda FM, during her visit to South-Africa.

The album release party, which is only inteded for the press, media and some other invited, will be a big party according to Amira. Unfortunately they can’t release balloons, which would be too much stress for the animals.

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