African Christmas with Amira and Friends – reactions

Here are some of many reactions to this amazing concert. If you have not seen it yet, grab your ticket NOW at Optog or Gelukskinders.

The professional sound quality is superb! Amira presents an adult persona as she sings so wonderfully.

Grant, USA

Just watched it first viewing. What a great African vibe and happy concert. Beautiful production. Amira looks so mature and her dresses were magnificent. It was a lovely collaboration with the two choirs and the scaled down orchestra and the Two videos. Don’t want to give anything away as many won’t have watched it yet. I loved Charl ( Du Plessis) and the orchestra solo arrangement of their Christmas song too. And the mics were so much better. A really different take on the sometimes sombre Christmas presentation we are used to in Europe. I loved the whole vibe of it. Well done to all involved in the production. Considering the setbacks they had with both Amira and Lukhanyo getting sick in the middle of recording they did a fantastic job.

Siobhan, Ireland

What impressed me so much about Amira’s singing on this piece was her ability to hit the high notes effortlessly and without an increase in volume. This piece was really beautiful. I didn’t understand a word of what she was singing at the time, but I knew she was rocking a baby! 

Keith, USA

AMIRA’s Christmas Concert was better than remarkable. The Carols and songs that were performed were much better than one would or could expect to hear or see, given the covid 19 world epidemic. If you liked the way AMIRA sang in the past, then you should hear her now!! Along with the Tenor Lukhanyo Moyake, The Mzansi Youth Choir and the Akustika Chamber Singers,AMIRA and her African musicians put on a concert to remember! I would highly recommend it to ANYONE.

Steve, Australia

The more I listen to / watch the concert the more I will appreciate it. Superlatives fall short to reflect my admiration and respect for Amira. I prefer to leave that to the language artists among the fans.

Dick, Netherlands
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  1. Does anyone know why there is no way to buy a ticket to view this show? I know it aired months ago.Sadly for me I missed it.
    If there is a way please reply.
    Thank you.

  2. Bravo,interpretación excelente y puesta en escena maravillosa

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