A New Start

Hello Fans of Amira,

This is Krzysztof and Nico. 

Due to circumstances the owner of this website hasn’t been updating for a long, long time. Recognising this is not good for Amira, we have been asked to take over.
The Facebookfanpage is running very fine, though we know that not all fans are into Facebook and have no intentions to get involved there, we do think and acknowledge that you are fans too.

So that’s why we will give this page a fresh restart.
Looking at it all, we will give it a go. A lot has to be updated. A massive job awaits us here.











But first what is coming up in December.
December performances:
8th Christmas in the Berg Winterton SouthAfrica
15th Afrikaans Language Monument Paarlberg South Africa
17th Liggiesfees Potchefstroom South Africa.
Currently there is Christmas funding going on for Amira’s charity. Please visit:
 http://www.gelukskinders.org  There is a feature there in the webshop. That way you can help Amira bringing smiles to childrens faces.
Want to join, or never found it, The Facebook fanpage



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  1. Very happy about this new administration. A bit of news You give Amira a helping hand this Christmas 2018 by purchasing a Christmas donation through her web shop. Here is the link buy 5 euro or more and have a Merry Christma!! https://www.gelukskinders.org/en/store/Action-Merry-Christmas-Amira-p124297579

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