Christmas 2020 gift for Amira. Gelukskinders streaming concert

Thanks to the support of many donors, this campaign has proved to be a great success in no time. The target 250,000 ZAR has been achieved plus a considerable amount for additional musicians. There will be an Amira’s streaming Christmas concert 2020. The action, organized by Gelukskinders has therefore stopped.

With this concert, Amira wants to bring the Christmas spirit into the living rooms of her fans worldwide.

A streaming Christmas concert; Amira with friends. The net proceeds of this concert will be donated by Amira to her charity Stichting Gelukskinders.

The concert with an expected duration of 1 hour will be shown around Christmas. Keep an eye on this page,, we will tell you when tickets are available.

The Christmas action that runs through the fan sites will start 5 weeks before Christmas. Item(s) for this action will then be available.

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  1. Amira I am a musician and writer from New York and have been a fan of yours for several years. Your voice has an angelic quality that no one else has….do you ever have dreams of heaven??

  2. Looking for the site for Amira’s Christmas concert to purchase tickets. Hopefully I am not too late.

  3. Amira,

    Thank you for all you do with your foundation, to bring joy to the children. Also, thank you for all the joy you bring to your fans around the world, with your beautiful voice, your intelligence, your humility, grace and class. You are truly beautiful on the inside and and outside.

    You are SUPER COOL !!!!
    a fan,


  4. Amira you have something so special about you a quality and sincerity that very few posses you bring a a sense of peace happiness and hope every time I hear your voice and see your face thankyou marks

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