Amira’s adventures in the past few months

What has all happened, in the last few months around Amira?

That’s quite a lot.

But first, this: Amira’s streaming service has unfortunately closed down. The revenue did not outweigh the costs involved. Instead, Amira has started a Patreon account. On it are photos and videos that cannot be found anywhere else. For €12.00 a month, you can view and listen to the contents of this account. For €3.00 per month, you have partial access to this account. Here’s the link to Amira’s Patreon Account.

If you want to be kept up to date faster, we recommend you to go to Amira’s official Facebook page. Amira also has an Instagram account.

For everything around her Stichting Gelukskinders, i.e. lots of photos, please go to

Now, in order, Amira’s adventures (and those of her mother and father and her boyfriend D.J.) from the last few months.

You will see several pictures but we will start with a clip made by herself.

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