16th of December 2017 there will be a benefit concert for Amira’s foundation gelukskinders at the St Stevenschurch, Nijmegen.

Tickets available

Prior this concert there is also the second fanclubday in Hotel “de Rozenhof, Nijmegen”.

This to support Amira and her foundation.

Entry fee 5 euro, or three cupcakes.

Starts at 12.00. Ends at 16.00. To make sure everybody will be on time for the concert.


  • Election most beautiful cupcake, prices made by Amira and Fincent;
  • Luxorious lunchbuffet, (20 euro p.p.) NO obligation to take part. Amira and Fincent will take part;
  • Auction. Several one item only articles. All to support gelukskinders. And next, little and big goodies are for sale;
  • A videoscreen, on which the South African adventure 2017 will be shown. Footage not seen anywhere else. Of course her music will be there too;
  • A small exhibition of pictures and selfmade things, that fans will bring along.

Main purpose of the day is a get together of fans. Have fun and joy.

There is no must, only the entryfee is.

53 fans already signed up for it. More can be added!!

For more info, see this special page:

No facebook? And you have questions? Please send an email to:

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